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A WiFi captive portal is direct access, where customers in the WiFi network can purchase time-based or data-based usage plans. Our WiFi Captive Portal combines usability and feature-richness, creating a seamless experience for the end-customer.
Advertising is one of the primary revenue streams when it comes to monetizing WiFi services. The built-in advertising module of Our WiFi Captive Portal lets you effortlessly create ads for your partner brands.


No need to purchase new hardware. Free technical support is provided to get you up and running fast.


Cloud platform with virtually no performance limits and Scaling virtual RADIUS instances available worldwide.

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Start using the platform with up to 25 users and 1 access point at no cost to you. See the pricing page for available subscription plans.


Support for Social Networks, Billing, Vouchers. It Works with Android, iphone phones, Facebook and more.

How It Works

1. Configure Account
Sign up, define network and create users or a captive portal.
2. Apply settings
Configure your wireless access points to use our servers.
3. Monitor
Review authentication reports and collected data. Download for further processing.

Features WiFi access

Voucher system

If you want to control access to your network with vouchers, limiting access to users who you authorize. You have the ability to do so by generating unique codes that you can provide to users on a per-user basis.

User/pass Registration

Here guests and employees can register for guest access to the network through a customizable web interface. There is already a pre-defined security policy so there is no IT involvement.

Click access free wifi

The pre-installed dynamic click to continue page sequence is enabled by default using access internet.

Customizable Portal

Control of the look and feel of the splash page with HTML and WYSIWYG editor in the admin panel of the captive portal page.

Support multiple locations

The deployment of a well-planned WiFi solution should be a relatively straightforward affair. This is the most obvious challenge faced by anyone who wants to cover a larger area with a strong WiFi signal. The coverage of a WiFi network is affected by many different variables, such as WiFi router positioning, interference from other devices, the layout of the covered building, and even the building itself.

Centralized system

It enables users to configure, manage, and monitor from one single platform multiple WiFi organizations and networks, cloud-based access points, SSIDs, and clients.

Day and Time Limits

Captive portal should give you the ability to set day and time limits to the guest access so that they automatically expire after a certain amount of time.

Data usage limits

It should give you the ability to set data usage (ex. 1GB, 5GB, 1TB, more) limits to the guest access wifi internet automatically rich the limit will expire.

Online payment integration

To require users to pay for internet access there is the option to enable automatic online payment for your network for use with Paypal, fluterwave or other payment.

Support various routers

It support more than 500 type of routers because openwrt firmware free open source based next generation freedom of routers


It must track and report guest account activity as well as employees that are sponsoring each guest. The report shows each wifi user’s daily data usage, time and billing voucher.


The captive portal is the web page the user sees before accessing a public Wi-Fi network. It is also known as splash page, login page, splash portal and landing page.


A captive portal can also be used to provide access to enterprise or residential wired networks, such as apartment houses, hotel rooms, and business centers.


Most captive portal is wifi system works in routers.